First yuan bond issued in Central Asia

First yuan bond issued in Central Asia
'Falcon' bond issued in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, which hopes to play a key role in Belt and Road projects linking China to Europe


China Enterprise bond index declines 
Steepest drop in two weeks slows main gauge’s advance
Yuan depreciates, breaches key support
Chinese currency breaks from three-week trading band 
Liberalisation plan for oil, gas industry in East China Pilot FTZ
State Council backs measures to boost energy sector  
‘Big six’ banks pulled in yuan per day in 2019
The state-owned lenders earned total of 1.1tn yuan through the year 


Indian car sales plunge amid lockdown
Modi govt move to tougher emissions standards forced carmakers to hike prices, driving customers away
Trump casts doubt on China's coronavirus figures
Intelligence report accuses Beijing of covering up extent of infections and deaths
Good cop, bad cop routine by Indian police
Cops using a variety of tactics to deal with people opposed to the national lockdown
China seizes Covid-19 advantage in South China Sea
China ramps up military drills and energy exploitation in contested waterway while US military bogged down in virus crisis at home

China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 virus cases

China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 virus cases
Decision to shut down Wuhan gave other cities time to prepare, researchers say

Latest Bonds and Ratings News

Shengjing Bank to issue up to 30 bn yuan in bonds
Plan endorsed by central bank and regulatory authorities
China cuts repo rate to lowest on record
PBOC slashes 7-day reverse repo rate to 2.2% to boost short-term liquidity for banks
Datong Coal Mine unit launches net-based sales site 
China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center trades online; Datong bonds surge helps push broad CBM50 Index higher
Sinopharm Holdings plans corporate bonds not exceeding 5 billion yuan  
The China National Pharmaceutical Group plans to issue 5-billion yuan ($705 million) in corporate bonds 


China aims to increase its soft power at US expense
The pandemic is fueling a crisis of confidence in the West, and Beijing is not letting this crisis go to waste
What about consumer vouchers? And working less?
Jianghai Securities firm offers radical suggestions amid China's economic upheaval
Debt will define our next crisis
The market has sent a shot over our bow to tell us that we cannot accumulate budget and trade deficits forever
All eyes on China
Beijing appears to be weathering the Covid-19 storm better than Western capitals, but 'appears' is the operative word

Technology vs. Coronavirus

Deciphering the DNA of an epidemic
China’s Covid-19 outbreak has posed more questions than answers and flights of pure fantasy
Investors focus on crowd avoidance-enabling tech
To sidestep virus exposure, have meals delivered from restaurants, stream films, socialize online, work remotely
Alibaba offers anti-virus technology to the world
Anti-coronavirus solutions have been put together by Alibaba Cloud experts and Alibaba DAMO Academy researchers 
Tech firm says smart helmet can detect fevers
The helmet emits both a visual and audio alert once it identifies someone with an elevated reading

Aviation Focus

Most airlines will be bankrupt by May, industry body warns
Industry body says intergovernmental cooperation will be needed to save aviation sector
Second assembly line ramps up production for ARJ21
New batch of ARJ21s will benefit from a flight deck redesign featuring a better grouping of instruments and displays
Cathay Pacific slashes flights in April and May
HK airline to will cut passenger capacity by 96% in April and May as travel bans hit demand
State Council will boost air freight capacity to stabilise supply chains
Hard-hit aviation sector in the cross-hairs as analysts forecast massive 2020 losses 

Central bank announces overhaul of financial system

Central bank to lead overhaul of China's financial system
PBOC says it wants China's financial infrastructure in line with international standards

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