China tipped to dominate 5G market 

170 million mobile phones expected to be made this year; most will be sold in Chinese outlets

5G phones tipped to reach 110m in China
A Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone is seen on display at a Huawei store in Shanghai. Photo: AFP

(ATF) – The retail volume of 5G mobile phones is expected to reach 110 million in the Chinese market, according to third-party research company GFK.

Although the Covid-19 epidemic is not over, various companies have launched high-end mobile phones to compete in the 5G user market.

According to, currently Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Blackshark and other companies have released new 5G smartphones, and Huawei will release a heavyweight flagship phone, the P40, in France.   

According to the forecast data of GFK, the global 5G mobile phone market will reach 170 million units in 2020.

It predicted that the 5G mobile-phone retail volume in China would reach 110 million, accounting for about two thirds – 65% – of the global 5G mobile-phone retail volume.

(This story was compiled by Yang Zhijie and first published at Atimescn)