Asia Times Financial launches news service, China domestic bond index 

Asia Times Financial launches news service, China domestic bond index 
Asia Times Financial launches news platform and China bond index to bring benchmarked transparency and global tradeability to high-yield Chinese onshore fixed-income markets 


Bond gauge gains driven by Enterprise debt
State-owned company measure climbs most in a month  
Wuhan lifts outbound travel restrictions
City where coronavirus pandemic began loosens containment measures
China's foreign exchange reserves fall 1.5% to $3.06trn in March
Global economic impact of coronavirus pandemic blamed
China to expand cross-border e-commerce duty-free zones
Increase in number of trading parks seen a route to reviving foreign trade 

China 'should not give stimulus funds for coal plants'
Think tank says 59% of country's coal plants run at a loss, so funding renewable projects would be wiser financially and environmentally
Oil prices rebound as Opec meeting looms 
The meeting of major producers on Thursday has rekindled hope that a deal can be agreed on to cut output levels 
ILO paints a grim picture of India
400 million informal sector workers risk falling deeper into poverty, a report on impacts of coronavirus says
Trump blasts WHO as China lifts Wuhan travel ban
US President threatens to cut funding to World Health Organisation as death toll in the US and elsewhere climbs

Global cost of coronavirus could top $4 trillion, ADB warns

Global cost of coronavirus could top $4 trillion, ADB warns
Bank estimates economic impact at nearly 5% of worldwide output
PBOC changing to an online licensing system  
Administrative licenses needed by govt agencies, banks and businesses to handle money will be processed via the Net
China claims no new coronavirus deaths
But doubts remain that the communist regime has under-reported the real statistics 
Fears of new infections from the mainland to HK
The Hong Kong government may launch more stringent anti-epidemic measures if needed
HK homes cheaper but not down to Sars levels
Agencies tip a 20% drop in prices at most as Hong Kong is not in the same boat as it was with Sars
Nearly four billion masks sold abroad, China says
Protective clothing also exported, plus ventilators and test kits but many countries have complained about quality
Guotai Junan Securities shakes up management team
New roles thought to be in response to new business at investment bank
Industrial Bank's lock-up period for 563 million shares to end
Investors likely to see less than 10% appreciation at end of sale restriction

Recent Bonds and Ratings News

Bond investors swarm to China, the safe harbour
Monthly turnover hits a record high of $67.4 billion as activity picks up 
China’s Ministry of Finance backs rise in govt bonds  
The bonds will provide funds for small and medium-sized businesses to help offset the current downturn
50-trln-yuan infrastructure funded by bonds
Thousands of projects such as 5G base stations and intercity rail links to be built across China over next few years 
First yuan bond issued in Central Asia
'Falcon' bond issued in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, which hopes to play a key role in Belt and Road projects linking China to Europe

Huawei/5G Focus

Huawei establishes firm to make medical devices
Shenzhen-based comms giant creates Glory Terminal with 300m yuan
5G phones tipped to reach 110m in China
170 million mobile phones expected to be made this year; most will be sold in Chinese outlets
Huawei P40 phone uses no apps from Android maker
Top-line phone meant to seduce early adopters and show off its technological prowess
Huawei creates global ‘innovation centres’ to boost 5G use
Communications giant reveals high-speed network plans as it reports 19% revenue jump in 2019


Lies, diplomacy and the Covid-19 crisis
The spread of ‘disinformation’ has triggered a new form of diplomatic rhetoric between China and the US
As China restarts its economy, what now?
Beijing must not let its guard down if its economic recovery is to be sustainable
Focus on what China did right, not wrong
Beijing stopped the epidemic by combining conventional measures with the application of digital technology
Macro-economic data expected to improve, say Chinese analysts
Others warn recent PMI data readout is scant proof of a return to normal

Technology vs. Coronavirus

Deciphering the DNA of an epidemic
China’s Covid-19 outbreak has posed more questions than answers and flights of pure fantasy
Investors focus on crowd avoidance-enabling tech
To sidestep virus exposure, have meals delivered from restaurants, stream films, socialize online, work remotely
Alibaba offers anti-virus technology to the world
Anti-coronavirus solutions have been put together by Alibaba Cloud experts and Alibaba DAMO Academy researchers 
Tech firm says smart helmet can detect fevers
The helmet emits both a visual and audio alert once it identifies someone with an elevated reading

Aviation Focus

Most airlines will be bankrupt by May, industry body warns
Industry body says intergovernmental cooperation will be needed to save aviation sector
Second assembly line ramps up production for ARJ21
New batch of ARJ21s will benefit from a flight deck redesign featuring a better grouping of instruments and displays
Cathay Pacific slashes flights in April and May
HK airline to will cut passenger capacity by 96% in April and May as travel bans hit demand
State Council will boost air freight capacity to stabilise supply chains
Hard-hit aviation sector in the cross-hairs as analysts forecast massive 2020 losses 

Central bank announces overhaul of financial system

Central bank to lead overhaul of China's financial system
PBOC says it wants China's financial infrastructure in line with international standards

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