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November 10, 2020

  • Baidu sets out its eight-point vision for the future of Chinese tech
  • China corporate bonds climb amid Covid vaccine efficacy optimism
  • Questions surround the veracity of China's latest growth data
  • Theres guarded optimism in India about a Biden presidency

01 Robo-cars to AI: Baidu sees the future

China’s answer to Google lays out its vision for tomorrow’s world, and it features autonomous driving, AI and biocomputing among eight key trend forecasts.

02 Asia Markets

A rally in stocks spurred in the US by news that a coronavirus vaccine candidate showed a high efficacy rate slowed as it dawned on investors that more legal hurdles must be cleared before the treatment can be deployed.

03 Can we trust China's data?

A lack of clarity, manipulation and questionable statistical practices make it difficult to believe Chinas latest GDP figures, Shezhad Qazi argues on Asia Times Financial TV

04 India's Biden cheer

A more liberal US trade stance and visa policy is tipped to reinvigorate US-India ties and enhance economic growth; but Biden and Harris may be critical of the Modi government's citizenship policy and its tough stance on Kashmir.

05 Huawei losing Honor

Chinese tech giant is said to be selling its budget brand of smartphones for $15.2bn to a company based in its Shenzhen hometown. The move comes as Huawei faces sanctions from the Trump administration, which sees the company as a threat to national security.

06 China Bonds Index

Chinese corporate bonds rose, following the lead from their American counterparts yesterday, which had gained on optimism that test results showing a coronavirus vaccine had high efficacy would ease the economic toll of the pandemic. The ATF China Bond 50 Index climbed for a 14th day.

07 China beefs up scrutiny of payment tech giants

China publishes draft rules aimed at preventing monopolistic behaviour by internet platforms, a move that will increase scrutiny on e-commerce marketplaces and payment services belonging to the likes of Alibaba Group. 

08 Comment

“Today is a great day for science and humanity..." 

Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla on test results that suggest the company’s coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective