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November 23, 2020

1 TOP STORY: Singapore expects growth amid Covid recovery

2 ASIA MARKETS: HK and China stocks climb, Nikkei retreats

3 ATF BIG PICTURE: Bitcoin surges to a three-year high

4 NEWS: AstraZeneca adds another vaccine into the mix

5 NEWS: Some mystery lifted from China's virtual yuan

6 ATF TV: Huawei's target for an interconnected China

7 NEWS: India looks to LNG to help clean its polluted air

8 COMMENT: Determination to get vaccines to the poor

01 TOP STORY: Merlion City set to roar again

Economists are upbeat about Singapore, which can expect to benefit from global demand for pharmaceuticals, high-end electronics and digital services.

02 Asia Markets

ATF China Bond 50 Index climbs, Japan’s Nikkei 225 slips 0.42%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng advances 0.13% and China’s SSE Composite rises 1.01%    

03 Crypto on the rise

Bitcoin has climbed to a three-year high, putting it close to breaching its $20,000 peak.

04 UK vaccine hope

AstraZeneca says its Covid vaccine candidate has an efficacy rate as high as two other experimental drugs ready for regulatory consideration.

05 Digital yuan answers

China's digital yuan is currently being tested in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places, but to most of the country's 1.4 billion people it is still a mystery; now experts have given some guidance on what to expect.

06 Huawei looks beyond 5G

Company bosses envisage a 'golden decade' of building a network that will digitise all of Chinese society. Chief China Correspondent Chris Gill goes over the plans on Asia Times Financial TV

07 India banks on LNG

Liquid natural gas conversions of diesel-run commercial vehicles are hoped to offer a route to easing the pollution problems of the world’s third-largest energy user.

08 Comment

"We will spare no effort to ensure their [vaccines'] affordable and equitable access for all people, consistent with members’ commitments to incentivise innovation. We recognise the role of extensive immunisation as a global public good."

Joint statement from G20 leaders on securing Covid vaccines for the poorest