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December 3, 2020

1 TOP STORY: US lawmakers back China audits law

2 NEWS: Regulators end salad days for e-lenders

3 ATF TV: Korea's Hyundai launches new EV car

4 ASIA MARKETS: Nikkei 225, HSI climb; CSI300 drops

5 ATF BIG PICTURE: Qualcomm unveils first 5nm chip

6 COMMENT: The Biden effect on Asian growth

7 NEWS: BOJ policymaker argues for rising yields

8 NEWS: Mixed messages from Asia economic data

01 Top Story New threat to US-listed China firms

House of Representatives approves law that could force Chinese companies off US exchanges if they do not agree to a review of their audited accounts.

02 E-lender crackdown

Authorities say online lending boom is over as lenders will have to restructure, or have already done so, because of strict new rules to be imposed by Beijing.

03 ATF TV Hyundai unveils all-electric car

South Korean automaker will use in-house battery as it jostles for position in EV market.

04 Asia Markets

Nikkei 225 climbs 0.03% to 26,809.37; Hang Seng Index rises 0.7% to 26,728.50; CSI300 slides 0.2% to 3,442.14

05 ATF Big Picture

Qualcomm delights Chinese mobile companies with new chip. But Huawei won't be using it, unless Joe Biden has a good reason to drop Trump sanctions.

06 Comment

"Biden is expected to be much more cooperative compared with the Trump administration, fostering optimism for an Asian recovery. We expect to see a global recovery led by China in 2021 which is likely to spread to other Asian countries."  

Lale Akoner, market strategist at BNY Mellon Investment Management

07 Let yields rise

Bank of Japan's Suzuki says central bank should allow long bonds to drop in bid to make stimulus work .

08 Mixed data from Asia

Key purchasing managers' index shows solid expansion in Mainland despite sporadic outbreaks of coronavirus, while Hong Kong and Japan struggle to reboot.