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December 4, 2020

1 TOP STORY: China seizes $14.2bn in crypto scam

2 NEWS: Bond market boost from new RFR debut

3 ATF TV: China's high-stakes bond market gamble

4 ASIA MARKETS: Nikkei drops; HSI, CSI300 climb

5 COMMENT: Indian central bank rates speculation

6 NEWS: Trump bows out with China travel ban

7 NEWS: Covid concern over China cold imports

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Huawei's Meng in release talks

01 Top Story Huge asset haul in China crypto scam

High school dropout among 15 people sentenced over massive fraud that recruited foreigners to present a veneer of legitimacy to high-stakes Ponzi scheme.

02 China RFR debuted

DR used for first time in variable interest bond a day after bank bond listing in Singapore widens global reach of China debt market .

03 ATF TV China bonds

ATF Correspondent looks over the development of China’s growing bond markets with Asia Times Financial TV.

04 Asia Markets

Nikkei 225 falls 0.2% to 26,751.24; Hang Seng Index rises 0.4% to 26,835.92; CSI300 climbs 0.1% to 3,444.58

05 Comment

“Given the current inflationary pressures in the economy, the RBI has made it clear that it has to keep inflation under check and use monetary policy to ensure enough money supply."  

Saurabh Mukherjea, CIO at Marcellus Investment Managers

06 New Trump travel ban

US President restricts travel to US for members of China’s Communist Party and their families, as he steps up attacks on rival nation before leaving office.

07 China cold-chain call

A Chinese official has called for stricter hygiene standards across the logistics chain – around the world – to stop possible coronavirus infections.

08 ATF Big Picture 'Deal’ for Huawei CFO 

Meng, arrested in Canada, reportedly offered chance to return to China.