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December 15, 2020

1 TOP STORY: Industrial data adds to China optimism

2 ATF TV: Asia policy under a Biden administration

3 ASIA MARKETS: Nikkei, CSI300, HSI decline

4 NEWS: China unveils AI security apps

5 NEWS: US hints at compromise for TikTok

6 NEWS: Deal on the hook as fishing clouds Brexit

7 COMMENT: The drain of Asia's ageing population

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Cyber-hack explained

01 Top Story Factory gains add to recovery optimism

Chinese industrial production expands for an eighth consecutive month as robust export demand drives a recovery; statistics bureau warns of potential headwinds in the future.

02 ATF TV Will Biden reshape US-Asia policy?

BNY Mellon strategist Lale Akoner discusses how incoming US president Joe Biden might restyle the US’ stance on Asia. Watch it now on ATF TV.

03 Asia Markets

Nikkei 225 falls 0.2% to 26,687.84; Hang Seng Index falls 0.7% to 26,207.29; CSI300 drops 0.7% to 3,367.23.

04 The AI leap forward

Third-generation technology will accelerate the intelligent upgrade of safe, reliable and credible industries, say researchers launching new company to develop solutions. 

05 US TikTok deal hint

The US Federal Trade Commission has ordered nine tech firms to provide data on how they use personal information. Lumping TikTok in with Amazon, Facebook and Google may help legitimise the Chinese video app.

06 Brexit on the hook

Fishing rights remain only sticking point, report says, after UK, EU negotiators voice guarded optimism.

07 Comment

"As the population turns grey, the tide will turn from capitalizing on demographic dividend to defying the gravity of aging on growth. It means labor productivity will be put to test. But this relationship is not written in stone as the right sectoral specialisation can help capturing new opportunities and mitigating the pressure."

Alicia Garcia Herrero, Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis

08 The ATF Big Picture

Global intelligence agencies are investigating the extent of a huge cyber attack on companies and governments around the world. An unnamed “nation-state attacker” has been blamed.