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January 6, 2021

1 TOP STORY: Trump's New China headache for Biden

2 NEWS: China sentences corrupt financier to death

3 ATF TV: Managing China's rare earth stranglehold

4 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300 climb; Nikkei 225 falls

5 NEWS: NYSE changes its mind again on delisting

6 NEWS: China coal shortages force power outages

7 COMMENT: A rare admission of failure in North Korea

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Smartphone output forecast to rise

01 Top Story Trump deals new China blow for Biden

Outgoing president has made an executive order banning transactions with eight more Chinese apps including Alipay, WeChat Pay and Tencent QQ; it claims that the data they collect makes them a security risk to American citizens

02 Financier faces death 'Lawless and extremely greedy' Lai Xiaomin, former chairman of China Huarong Asset Management, convicted of receiving or seeking bribes totalling $276.72 million

03 ATF TV The fight to control rare-earths

Pini Althaus, Chief Executive Officer & Director at USA Rare Earth tells ATF TV why it’s important to counter China’s command of the key market

04 Asia Markets

HSI climbs 0.2% to 27,692.30, CSI300 adds 0.6% to 3,550.88. Nikkei 225 falls 0.4% to 27,055.94

05 NYSE delisting back on

Share prices in China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom have whipsawed this week with each turn of the saga as some analysts urge investors to sit tight till a resolution is achieved

06 Coal crisis chills China

Electricity ‘rationing’ is in place in several cities as price rises and China’s row with its main coal supplier Australia bites deep - but Beijing says supply is not the issue 

07 Comment

Our five-year economic plan "tremendously fell short of goals on almost every sector”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

08 The ATF Big Picture Smartphone sales