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January 18, 2021

1 TOP STORY: China recovery underlined by GDP data

2 ATF TV: Biden faces rare earth development decision

3 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300 climb, Nikkei 225 falls

4 COMMENT: US is struggling to get a handle on 5G

5 ATF BIG PICTURE: APAC asset sales surge in 2020

6 NEWS: Samsung chief's bribery verdict hits shares

7 NEWS: Trump's parting swipe at Huawei, China tech

8 NEWS: The flameout of Jack Ma is the story of 2021

01 Top Story China surprise GDP data signals comeback

The world's second-largest economy has staged a strong comeback last year from the coronavirus pandemic, fuelled by a surprisingly resilient export sector 

02 ATF TV Biden's RE poser

Incoming president has some important decisions to make about the US’ rare earth industry, explains Pini Althaus of USA Rare earth

03 Asia Markets HSI climbs 1% to 28,862.77, CSI300 gains 0.8%to 3.596.22, Nikkei 225 falls 1% to 28,242.21

04 Comment "With 4G, that is like driving a Ferrari at rush hour."

Qualcomm senior vice president of engineering Alejandro Holcman

05 The ATF Big Picture

06 Samsung chief verdict

Boss of the Korean tech giant, Jay Y Lee faces at least 18 months in jail, plus another court case and a massive tax bill; analysts wonder if the world's largest maker of smartphones and memory chips can maintain its dominance

07 Parting shot at Huawei

Trump revokes licences to sell to Huawei for suppliers, including chipmaker Intel, and directed US government departments to reduce procurement of Chinese goods and services. The late flurry of anti-China rules may prove tough for President Biden to reverse

08 The fall of Jack Ma

Here is the background on China's loudest story in 2021 and some takeaways: Alibaba's valuation is likely to stay low this year; the anti-monopoly investigation has deep market roots; and Pinduoduo are well-placed to easily pick up market share