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January 29, 2021

1 TOP STORY: China gets tough on property speculation

2 ATF TV: Falling fossil fuel prices and green investment

3 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300, Nikkei 225 decline

4 NEWS: Top Glove targeted in latest short squeeze

5 NEWS: Co-working's WeWork looks to list via SPAC

6 NEWS: Local apps fill void left by Bytedance in India

7 NEWS: Australian miners cheer Chinese EV growth

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Rare earth prices continue surging

01 Top Story Crackdown on China property speculators

Housing bosses stress the 'homes are for living' mantra as they hammer the message into the heads of local officials that the sector must be strongly regulated to ensure the market remains stable

02 ATF TV Green energy

UBS Sustainable Finance Head Alvin Yeo in Hong Kong considers what impact falling fossil fuel prices will have on green energy investment

03 Asia Markets

HSI falls 0.9% to 28,283.71, CSI300 loses 0.6% to 3,483.07 and the Nikkei 225 drops 1.9% to 28,663.39

04 Top Glove shorts in sites

Malaysian firm Top Glove has joined the Reddit-fuelled surge in stocks that had been shorted by hedge funds, and GameStop is also going back up as Robinhood eases trading restrictions

05 WeWork eyes SPAC deal

The much-criticised company is also exploring raising funds from private investors, despite the implosion of its high-profile initial public offering proposal in 2019

06 Apps fill Bytedance void

While Chinese internet companies have started to beat a retreat after being banned in India, local app developers are going all out to grab the vacant space and say there’s opportunity for western players too

07 Oz cheer on China EVs

Pilbara Minerals and Galaxy Resources report record shipments of the key battery ingredient as high demand from automotive sector spills over into related sectors

08 ATF Big Picture

The insatiable appetite for the precious metals that our smartphones, electric cars, wind turbines and even air conditioners need to work shows no sign of dropping off any time soon - and that's good news for the people mining them