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February 02, 2021

1 TOP STORY: China to reform financial, social laws

2 ATF TV: Tracking reshaped supply chains with ATFI

3 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300, Nikkei 225 advance

4 NEWS: US gives backing to Australia rare earth bid

5 NEWS: Biden issues warning over Myanmar coup

6 NEWS: As its phone sales drop, Huawei eyes chips

7 NEWS: Investor confusion on China sanctions delay

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Asia Redditors piling into SPACs

01 Top Story Bonfire of the financial, social regulations

Beijing is centralising control of the country, amending the Hukou house registration system and implementing new rules to deal with personal accounts, bankruptcies, the shutting down of small firms, financial services, insurance, stock trading and other matters

02 ATF TV Supplies surprise

Recent events have reshaped global supply chains. ATFI’s Peter Knez, ALLINDEX’s Christian Kronseder and technology venture capitalist Alfred Chu consider this new business landscape

03 Asia Markets

HSI climbs 1.2% to 289,248.70, CSI300 adds 0.8% to 3,533.68 and the Nikkei 225 advances 1% to 28,362.17

04 US backs Oz rare earths

Miner and processor to build Texas facility for Pentagon as Washington hopes to loosen Chinese stranglehold on vital materials used in weapons as well as smartphones

05 Myanmar coup warning

Washington's leverage limited, say analysts, as US works on "intensive" conversations with allies; banking and communications largely restored in Yangon after being blocked on Monday

06 Ailing Huawei's chip play

Its subsidiary Hubble Technology has been on a buying spree, snapping up shares in 20 chipmakers, plus six other high-tech firms including a chip design toolmaker

07 Sanctions delay muddle

Bondholders enter 'wait-and-see mode' amid confusion over how administration will tackle legacy of Trump's executive orders banning transactions with many companies

08 ATF Big Picture Asian Redditors pile into SPACs

Silver buying by Asian Reddit investors spurs a global rally and retail investors start to boost SPAC prices; as Robinhood raises another $2.4 billion