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February 09, 2021

1 TOP STORY: Oz faces gas blow-out after coal burn

2 ATF TV: These will be the asset classes to watch

3 NEWS: China demand pushes corn futures higher

4 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, Nikkei 225 and CSI300 advance

5 NEWS: China calls in Tesla over safety concern

6 NEWS: Wanda profits from AMC share-surge conversion

7 NEWS: China row drives wedge between Pacific islands

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: Cryptos continue Musk-spurred surge

01 Top Story Aussie gas woes after China coal blow

Canberra needs to do more, as the outlook for gas producers could take a hit like its coal exports did in China recently; meanwhile, Australia accounts for over half the world's coal, which still makes up a third of the country's energy mix, despite a surge in renewable power sources

02 ATF TV Watch this space

Stephen Innes at Axi considers the best asset classes to get behind as 2021 gets into full swing

03 China boost to corn

Analysts expect the US Department of Agriculture to make further reductions to its end-of-season supply outlooks after Beijing makes record purchases of the grain

04 Asia Markets

HSI climbs 0.5% to 29,476.19, CSI300 adds 2% to 3,603.49 and the Nikkei 225 advances 0.4% to 29,505.93

05 Tesla safety questions

US electric vehicle manufacturer said it accepted the authorities' “guidance” over malfunctions after several drivers complained to Beijing's consumer issues supervisor

06 Wanda taps AMC surge

US Securities and Exchange Commission filing shows unit turned Class B common stock into Class A shares on February 1 but did not provide any details on the amount

07 Pacific islands divided

Micronesian countries argue it was their turn to fill chairmanship under informal arrangement that has stood for decades and claims the snub proves South Pacific bias

08 ATF Big Picture

Crypto fan Musk breaks with other industry leaders in backing the coin that’s still regarded with suspicion by many; expected to boost acceptance of virtual currency