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March 04, 2021

1 TOP STORY: Worry sets in over central bank action

2 ATF TV: Onshore investing in China bond markets

3 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300 and Nikkei plunge

4 NEWS: China has its own GameStop-style shock

5 NEWS: India gives Tesla low-cost output pledge

6 NEWS: China innovates to meet rare earth surge

7 NEWS: Chinese leaders to prioritise sustainability

8 ATF BIG PICTURE: What's on the NPC agenda?

01 Top Story 'Shut you mouth and open you wallet'

Nervousness abounds on whether central banks are behind the curve in raising interest rates

02 ATF TV Onshore investing

Eugenie Shen, Managing Director and Head of ASIFMA’s Asset Management Group (AAMG) in Hong Kong, examines the benefits of investing in onshore Chinese bond markets

03 Asia Markets

Tokyo's Nikkei 225 drops 2.1% to 28,930.11, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng slides 2.2% to 29,236.79 and China’s CSI300 falls 2.1% to 3,503.49

04 China share surge probe

Shenzhen Stock Exchange demands answers from Zhongtai Auto over its share rise over the past 11 trading days; it wants details on 310 million yuan taken by controlling shareholder Tieniu Group and information on any major change to its fundamentals

05 Indian Tesla promise

India is trying to get the world's most high-profile automaker to make cars in the country, not just assemble imported parts there 

06 Rare earth innovation

The high demand for magnetic materials from makers of appliances and electric vehicles has helped drive a multi-faceted recovery for the sector, causing a rise in prices for rare earths – and enabling rare earth companies to undertake more research and development

07 NPC sustainability goal

This year's meeting is expected to focus on sustainability and other longer-term issues; clean energy and stable technological supply chains will be high-priority issues, as will cutting dependence on overseas markets and boosting home-grown technology

08 ATF Big Picture