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March 17, 2021

1 TOP STORY: Xiaomi win spurs other firms to challenge ban

3 ASIA MARKETS: Investors edgy with eyes on Fed meeting

2 ATF TV: Indonesian recovery poised to boost vehicle sales

4 NEWS: China targets rogue apps that gather personal data

5 NEWS: WuXi Biologics to buy Chinese factory from Pfizer

6 NEWS: Honda warns Covid, weather may force output halt

7 NEWS: Singapore 2020 jobs losses were worst in 20 years

8 THE ATF BIG PICTURE: Chinese economic activity surges

01 Top Story Xiaomi win spurs lawsuits by blacklisted firms

Other companies facing an investment ban after being listed by the former administration for being 'suppliers' to the Chinese military are also considering legal challenges, but the names of these firms has yet to be revealed 

02 Asia Markets Investors edgy with eyes on Fed

US Treasury yields hit post-pandemic highs; oil slumps as questions around travel resumptions simmer; US growth, inflation outlook key drivers in days ahead

03 ATF TV Harnessing Indon recovery momentum

Olly Prayudi, a director at Fitch Ratings, takes a look at Indonesia’s auto market and how the nation's economic recovery is expected to boost vehicle sales

04 China app data targeted

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is cracking down on apps that collect personal users' data, plus others that mislead or deceive users; this comes amid a push to help elderly citizens access 'smart' social services via the internet

05 Pfizer China factory sold

Biotech company involved in AstraZeneca/University of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine, which has seen its share price drop 33% in a month, did not reveal its plans for the acquisition

06 Honda to halt output

Japanese shipments fell 4.5% year-on-year in February due to Covid-19, port congestion, semiconductor shortages and severe winter weather

07 Singapore jobs decline

Resident employment grew in public administration and education, health and social services, information and communications, finance and insurance

08 ATF Big Picture