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March 19, 2021

1 TOP STORY: China tech executives warned over deep fakes

3 ASIA MARKETS: Bourses decline as Sino-US talks turn sour

2 ATF TV: Assessing Hong Kong's global trade hub prospects

4 NEWS: SMIC, Shenzhen to invest in $2.4bn in chip foundry

5 NEWS: The robot doctor in China is ready to see you now

6 NEWS: Chinese safety fears after Myanmar factory attacks

7 NEWS: Booming Taiwan firm downgrades China operations

8 THE ATF BIG PICTURE: China, Sweden lead CBDC charge

01 Top Story China tech execs warned over deep fakes

Bytedance, Alibaba, Tencent and big internet firms told they must undertake security assessments because they are public information systems providers; security agencies ordered to probe technologies that can create 'very realistic' fake videos and voice audios

02 Asia Markets Bourses fall on Sino-US tensions

China underperforms after fiery start to US talks; BoJ drops stock purchase target; oil consumption forecasts cut  

03 ATF TV HK hopes to be global trade hub in balance

Tariq Dennison, wealth manager at GFM Asset management in Hong Kong, looks at the prospects for Hong Kong becoming a global exchange centre with the expansion of the Greater Bay Area of southern China

04 SMIC foundry plan

China's biggest manufacturer of computer chips is launching a joint venture with the southern tech hub, as well as building a $7.6bn wafer production facility in Beijing, which will be the country's largest; Both aim to counter the global shortage of semiconductors

05 Robo-doc will see you

A 36-year-old woman suffering from low back and leg pain, which gave her walking difficulties, was robot doctor's first patient at Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital 

06 Chinese' Myanmar panic

Chinese people in the country express concern for their wellbeing after more than 30 Chinese-owned factories and businesses were attacked or set ablaze

07 Taiwan Delta booms

Supplier of power-related components records 63.6% Q3 net profit increase and plans to reduce headcount by 90% due to high costs and tensions with US

08 ATF Big Picture