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March 25, 2021

1 TOP STORY: Climate change a risk to stability, says PBoC

2 ATF TV: Will cryptos survive the emergence of CBDCs?

3 THE ATF BIG PICTURE: Suez chaos threatens oil supplies

4 ASIA MARKETS: HSI, CSI300 fall while Nikkei 225 climbs

5 NEWS: US investigates SPACs over investor protections

6 NEWS: SEC starts the clock on China stocks delisting

7 NEWS: US to sanction firms with Myanmar military links

8 NEWS: China to France – you must export better wheat

01 Top Story

Climate change poses 'challenge to stability'

China's central bank governor Yi Gang says private sector must be mobilised to fight global warming because government can only handle a fraction of hundreds of trillions of yuan that will be required


Cryptocurrencies face competition from CBDCs

Fawad Razaqzada, Financial Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets in London, looks at the prospects for cryptos as central banks threaten to crash the digicoin party

03 ATF Big Picture

Suez threat to oil supply as insurance claims loom

The longer the disruption to global trade from the Ever Given incident lasts, the more likely refiners and buyers will have to turn to the spot market to ensure supply

04 Asia Markets

Hong Kong’s HSI falls 0.1% to 27,899.61, China’s CSI300 drops 0.1% to 3,363.59 and Japan’s Nikkei climbs 1.1% to 28,729.88

05 US launches SPAC probe

The blank-cheque IPO boom has attracted the attention of the SEC, which has launched an inquiry into the Special Purpose Acquisition Company frenzy

06 SEC delisting probe

US regulator starts process of forcing Chinese companies to delist from American exchanges if they fail to comply with auditing standards or disclose government links

07 US Myanmar sanctions

US Treasury to blacklist Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd (MEHL) and freeze any assets they hold in the United States; move comes after the top general, his children and other key figures were blacklisted

08 French grain advisory

China Foods boss tells producers to upgrade phytosanitary checks as cereals body acknowledges that bad weather, particularly heavy rains, have affected recent crops