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March 26, 2021

1 TOP STORY: China bans micro-lenders on 'fleecing' claims

2 ATF TV: The fossil fuel alternatives in Asia's energy mix

3 ASIA MARKETS: Vaccine rollouts keep bulls charged

4 NEWS: Suez blockage puts auto industry under cloud

5 NEWS: New seams to mine: rare earth replaces bitcoin

6 NEWS: Sinopec takes on the tax-free oil competitors

7 NEWS: Xiaomi said to enter EV market with Great Wall

8 THE ATF BIG PICTURE: Inflation hedges take centre stage

01 Top Story

China bans micro-lenders from 'fleecing' students

Regulators say some platforms target campuses with help from tech firms; campaigns induced some students into excessive consumption and drew some into 'debt traps'; banks were also warned to cut risks by getting a secondary payer, such as a parent


Asia pushes forwards with clean energy solutions

Alex Woody, partner at White and Case, casts an eye over the fossil fuel alternatives behind Asia’s energy transition

03 Asia Markets Vaccine rollouts keep bulls charged

Global immunisation shots boost sentiment; oil gains capped by hopes Suez blockage will be cleared; China outperforms on dovish credit signals

04 Suez threat to autos

Moody's analyst warns that carmakers do not stockpile parts and only have enough on hand for a short period as vessel incident delays deliveries from Asian manufacturers

05 Rare earth vs. bitcoin

Bitcoin may have grabbed the headlines but some speculators are now suggesting there might be a better place to put your money – underground, in metals and minerals 

06 Sinopec in tax-free fight

Oil company says smuggling networks are running illegal refined oil facilities that sell counterfeit and inferior products; it says the government should set up a mechanism to supervise the fuel market, while cracking down on illegal smuggling rings

07 Xiaomi enters EV market

Smartphone maker wants to diversify into electric vehicles, using a factory of Great Wall Motor, with a plan for its own brand to be launched in 2023; announcement expected shortly

08 ATF Big Picture