Biden ‘just as confrontational as Trump’ claims China state media 

Hopes in Beijing of an improved relationship with the United States are already fading, it seems, with allegations that the new US President's early policy announcements 'smack of Trumpism' 

by Sean OMeara
Biden ‘just as confrontational as Trump’ claims China state media 
New US President Joe Biden has been as equally stern with China as his predecessor, Donald Trump.

China state media has accused new US President Joe Biden of adopting the same ‘confrontational approach’ of his predecessor and said there’s little optimism for any improvement in Sino-American relations.

Although Biden’s hand of friendship on issues like climate change had been welcomed, his remarks on trade and Taiwan echoed those of Trump and his allies, said an editorial piece in the official China Daily, the English-language newspaper, whose opinion pages are often used to send messages to foreign audiences. 

“Many of his policies do not seem to deviate much from his predecessor's approach, marked by direct confrontation across the board,” read the piece.

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“Such incendiary remarks harp on the same tune as that heard from the previous administration, and are centered on a zero-sum mentality which sees China's gain as the US' loss.

“Such messages from Washington are unhelpful for the rebuilding of a sound and healthy bilateral relationship.”

Also singled out were remarks on Wednesday by Biden’s nominee to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. William Burns told the Senate Intelligence Committee that China’s “adversarial, predatory leadership” is the biggest threat to the US.

The Trump administration’s four years in power were marked by bitter trade rows and angry rhetoric and there were high hopes Biden would reset the relationship with a more open attitude. But it appears those hopes are already waning in Beijing.


The editorial piece went on: “The confrontational approach toward China that the Trump administration pursued over the past four years has proved to be a lose-lose proposition for both, and underscores the urgent need for Washington to change tack with reoriented policy priorities that focus on the broad common interests shared by the two countries rather than the differences.

“Biden has claimed that China will "eat our lunch", but that is not the case, it wants to eat lunch together. Nor does China seek to challenge or replace the US in terms of economic and geopolitical dominance.

“It will serve the US' own interests if the new US administration learns to respect China's core interests and development rights, and works with Beijing to open a new chapter in bilateral relations.”

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