Capital Link International Holdings

Asia Times Financial (ATF), its index and branding divisions are wholly owned by Capital Link International Holdings Ltd (Capital Link).

Capital Link launched the ATF financial news platform and the ATF China Bond 50 Index in April 2020 after recognising that there is no single institutional gateway to China’s capital markets and, more specifically, to its corporate bond market.

This bond market, now worth US$14 trillion, is the world’s second biggest but is largely unknown, inaccessible and untouched by foreign investors.

Capital Link, incorporated and headquartered in Hong Kong, created ATF to directly address this vacuum with a high-profile media platform that integrates expert local and global financial journalism, analysis and commentaries with access to data and indices. 

Capital Link’s ATF China Bond 50 is the only Chinese index that has a specific methodology and insight honed for listed, liquid, product creation.

In addition, Capital Link’s partnership network has links with the highest levels of China’s institutional fabric and can connect all the elements necessary for participation in these vastly undeveloped Chinese markets. 

The Capital Link team has held relationships with premier global institutional and sovereign funds for decades, has the deepest connections across China’s financial landscape and sits at the frontline of Beijing revised and changing regulations.

The powerful ATF platform, that connects local and global market expertise with a unique benchmarked index and a state-of-the-art financial news media platform, provides the international financial community with unique, clear and far-reaching insights into China’s capital markets.