Technology Jun 11

China mobile phone shipments dip 

Decline in May volumes mirrored by drop in release of new models 

China mobile phone shipments dip 
Dialing down: Chinese smartphone makers released fewer new models in May.

(ATF) Mobile phone shipments in China reached 33.8 million units in May, down 11.8% from a year ago, according to a report published by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

From January to May, domestic mobile phone shipments totaled 124 million units, a year-on-year drop of 18%.

In terms of new models, 32 were released in May, down 22% compared with a year earlier, while 169 were launched over the past five months, a decline of 18.8% year-on-year.

China’s 5G mobile phone shipments stood at 15.64 million units in May, accounting for 46.3% of total shipments in the market. During the same time, 16 new 5G models were released, half of the total new models in May.

In the first five months, China had 46.08 million units of 5G mobile phone shipments and 81 new 5G models.

Domestic brands take the lion’s share in China’s mobile phone market shipments, reaching 91.7% in May and 90% in the first five months.

Smartphone shipments in China registered 32.66 million units in May, down 10.4% yearly. Over the past five months, the country’s smartphone shipments reached 121 million, a decrease of 16% year-on-year.