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China’s industrial internet big data centre underway

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology wants this completed by December 2020

China’s industrial internet big data centre underway
It could look like this: Workers dig tunnels in a hill for Tencent to build a data centre in Guiyang in southwestern Guizhou province in March 2018. Tencent 'mined' vast amounts of data to bolster a number of businesses including its own. This project is seen a few months before servers were due to be installed. Pony Ma told reporters: 'The temperature and humidity level (in Guizhou) are highly suitable for data storage. I hope to place here the most valuable and important data, such as that of the industrial cloud'. Guizhou was shaping up to become China's big data valley, as Apple announced plans in 2017 to open its first China-based database in the province. Photo: Imaginechina via AFP.

(ATF) China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released its plan for a National Industrial Internet Big Data Center, which it says will be completed by December 2020.

This is a part of a State Council directive to build new high-tech infrastructure across the country. The Big Data centre is expected to be the centre of the hive – and will oversee the construction of telecom and internet networks nationwide.

The plan proposes 54 specific measures, divided into 10 major task categories:

# improving infrastructure capabilities,

# building an analysis system,

# building an industrial internet platform,

# 'breaking through' core technical standards,

# cultivating new models and new formats,

# promoting the development of industrial ecological integration,

# strengthening the level of security,

# promoting open cooperation,

# strengthening overall planning,

# and promoting the implementation of policies.

The task of "improving infrastructure capabilities" involves five key jobs. This is to be spread to enterprises across the country but the first target is to build 20 excellent industrial Internet extranets for enterprises, for 20 key enterprises.

They want to encourage industrial enterprises to cooperate with basic telecom companies to use 5G to transform industrial internet intranets.

They will also promote the deployment of IPv6 applications for industrial internet applications. Logistics and emergency management are top of the list for new research.

The ministry will also strengthen its control and supervision of key resources such as radio spectra.

The ministry (Xinfa Division) will led building of the Big Data Center, and a number of industrial internet big data subcentres that will be built around the country. This should all be done by December 2020.

It has also proposed building an industrial internet platform. This year it wants 400,000 enterprises to 'go to the cloud' and use the industrial internet platform to carry out R&D, design, manufacturing, operation management and other services.

The ministry also plans to study and formulate an 'Industrial Internet Innovation Development Action Plan (2021-2025)', which will be released in December.