Bonds Mar 20

China sees highest bond inflows in 3 years

Bond market seen improving as concern grows that virus has yet to fully reveal its economic impact 

China sees highest bond inflows in 3 years
A surge of bond sales have been launched to fund infrastructure projects as a means of rejuvenating the virus-hit economy. 

(ATF) – The CSI All-Bond Index has risen 2.73% this year, much higher than the same period of the previous two years, WIND data shows. 

CCB believes that domestically, the negative impact of the epidemic on the economy is still in its infancy, and the bond market as a whole is improving.

Overseas, the epidemic has affected the global economic fundamentals to a certain extent, and the role of bond asset allocation is more prominent. 

CCB's short-term bonds are mainly invested in bond assets with a remaining maturity of less than three years. Its pure bonds are only invested in the bond market, which all meet the current allocation requirements for stability.