Bonds Mar 06

China Telecom to launch corporate debt sales

Group says it will issue up to 3 billion yuan in bonds this year

China Telecom announces first bond
China Telecom says it will issue corporate bonds with a three-year term. File photo: Reuters

(ATF) – China Telecom has announced that it intends to issue no more than 3 billion yuan (US$432.5 million) in corporate bonds, according to Zhitong Finance.

The bonds will be issued in instalments, and China Telecom says the first phase will not exceed 3 billion yuan and have a three-year term.

The bond is called "20 Telecom 01", and the bond code is "163253."

The book-keeping range of the bond coupon for this issue is 2.3% to 3.3% (including upper and lower limits). The final coupon will be determined by the issuer and the lead underwriter through book-keeping in accordance with relevant national regulations.