Rahul Gandhi blames Modi for huge job losses, GDP fall 

Holds the Modi Govt responsible for crushing “the future of India's youth”

Govt policies have caused massive job losses and historic GDP fall: 
Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in India. Photo: Indian National Congress website

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged Wednesday that the policies of the Centre had caused the loss of millions of jobs and appealed to people to make the Modi government "listen to their voice".

Gandhi urged people to be a part of the Congress's "Speak Up for Jobs" campaign.

"The policies of the Modi government have caused the loss of crores of jobs and a historic fall in GDP," Gandhi wrote in a tweet.

"It has crushed the future of India's youth. Let's make the government listen to their voice," the former Congress chief said.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the promise was of providing millions of jobs every year and claimed that instead millions had been "snatched away".

The youth has now woken up and are demanding an answer, he said.

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The Congress, on its official Twitter handle, said: "One devastating policy after another, BJP has snatched away the livelihoods of crores of Indians and pushed our youth into a bleak future."

"Join our #SpeakUpForJobs campaign and raise your voices against BJP's misadventures," the party tweeted.

  • This report appeared initially on Money Control website