LinkedIn China bars new users 

Social media platform has blocked new users 'to respect local law', which prohibits people from using the site if they do not use their real name

LinkedIn China bars new users 
Image: Reuters

(ATF) In a statement issued on March 9, LinkedIn, the workplace social platform which belongs to Microsoft, temporarily blocked user registration in China.

In a short statement, the LinkedIn said: “While we remain focused on our goal of creating economic opportunity for our members in China, we're temporarily pausing new member sign-ups for LinkedIn China as we work to ensure we remain in compliance with local law.

"We’re a global platform with an obligation to respect the laws that apply to us, including adhering to Chinese government regulations for our localized version of LinkedIn in China.”

A spokesperson for Linkedin told ATF they have nothing further to say. 

LinkedIn China went live in China in February 2014, when it launched a simplified Chinese version.

On Wednesday (March 10, 2021), users were unable to register in China.

Under Chinese law users need to use real name registration for websites within the Great Firewall of China, because Beijing blocks most foreign websites.

If LinkedIn failed to adhere to Chinese law, anonymous users could say things that might upset social order.


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