Malaysia to pump another $3.7 billion into its Covid-hit economy 

The new stimulus measures come after Kuala Lumpur last week declared a state of emergency and imposed travel bans and lockdowns to fight the pandemic, which last year saw the country’s economy contract for the first time in a decade  

by Sean OMeara
Malaysia to pump another $3.7 billion into its Covid-hit economy 
Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the stimulus measures after imposing a lockdown in the capital and across five states. Photo: Reuters

Malaysia will introduce 15 billion ringgit ($3.71 billion) worth of additional stimulus measures to support its pandemic-hit economy and fight Covid-19, its Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has announced. 

Last week, Malaysia declared a state of emergency and imposed a nationwide travel ban and lockdowns in the capital and five states to help curb the spread of the outbreak, which has been worsening in recent days.

Muhyiddin said strict curbs under the movement control order (MCO), which took effect on Wednesday, should not have as much of an impact on the economy compared to the last lockdown in March since more economic activities are allowed to continue.

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"As such, the impact of the current MCO to the economy is expected to be manageable," Muhyiddin told a televised address.

Public mobility and businesses ground to a near halt over six weeks between March and April after the government imposed strict coronavirus curbs, causing Malaysia's economy to contract for the first time in more than a decade in the second quarter.

The government's new aid measures include an additional 1 billion ringgit to fund procurement of more supplies for frontline healthcare workers, including reagents and screening kits and personal protective equipment.


Banks will also extend a moratorium on loans and restructure repayment for individuals and businesses, while the government will expedite disbursement of cash aid to low income families and individuals and broaden the scope of a wage subsidy plan for employers.

The government rolled out 305 billion ringgit of stimulus measures last year, ranging from cash handouts to wage subsidies and loan moratoriums to help the public and businesses weather the pandemic.

In November, the government unveiled a record 322.5 billion ringgit ($79.75 billion) budget for 2021 to spur economic activity and support growth.

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