ATF Partner

ALLINDEX Chinese Corporate Bond Index

Allindex, a Swiss provider of indices and index technology, has worked with Asia Times Financial and its platform partners to create the ATF ALLINDEX index family that represents an investable cross-section of the Chinese onshore market. A further Blended ATF CMB Index represents a cross-section of the entire Chinese onshore bond index market. This unique ATF ALLINDEX CBM50 Bond Index is a 50 constituent index, updated daily and selected from across the entire Chinese onshore bond market, that provides a unique investable measure of the Chinese onshore fixed income market.
Four sector indices
Corporates, Enterprises, Financials & Local Governments
Blended CMB50 Index
Unique blended 50 constituent index is a cross-section of entire Chinese onshore bond index market
Strict selection rules
Strict acceptance criteria applies to all index constituents
Updated daily
Daily price tracking of Chinese CNY-denominated onshore bonds