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Sponsored: Alpina / ATF Flagship China All Corporate ETF 

Alpina Capital is a Swiss-regulated investment manager with more than 60 years of combined investment experience and a proven track record in managing Multi Assets Funds. The investment objective of the the Alpina /ATF China Mainland Bond ETF is to invest in Chinese onshore bonds, with Saxo Bank as broker and provider of daily liquidity. Alpina /ATF China Mainland Bond ETF is based on the ATF ALLINDEX Chinese Bond Market (ATF CBM) Index and its investment universe consists of Chinese onshore bonds issued by financial institutions and ones that are traded on the interbank market.
Swiss ISIN Code
Swiss Valoren Number:
Issue Price
USD 1,000
Distribution Restrictions
Qualified Investors only
Broker & provider of daily liquidity
Saxo Bank
Clearance Institution
SIX SIS AG / Code CH116441

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